Film: House of Stones


I am currently in pre-production for the film "House of Stones" directed by Maurice Redwood, co-written by Maurice Redwood and Monteze Freeland, co-produced by Redwood Media Group, and CREW Productions LLC.

Filming is set to start in June of 2021

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Logline | Synopsis

A dramatic comedy about four brothers who are forced to confront their true identities after meeting at their father’s funeral. Not knowing that they are brothers and meeting for the first time, they are shocked to learn that their father has included each of them in his will, leaving them $25,000 each. The only way to receive the money is that they adhere to their father’s one condition — they must live together for a month and become more than just blood brothers.


Naturally, their personalities and lifestyles provide a variety of laughs, emotions, and confrontations as chaos ensue and leave them all questioning their own lives as well as figuring out how to move forward as a family.

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Project: Black Father's In Light

I am looking for black fathers from all walks to participate in a photography project.

We are looking for new fathers with children between the age of 3 months - 3 years of age. You will participate in a photoshoot, a video interview, and footage of you interacting with your child/children.

This is a personal project for me as I entered fatherhood in 2018. Experiencing it from this side shines a whole new light and brings a ton of emotion. I want to capture the joy, fear, and excitment that is Fatherhood through the eyes of black men.

Intereste participants should email info@easmithofficial.com

Compensation is available.

Father and Son Baking
Father and Son